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AmA Food List

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AMA Food list 
DO NOT EAT THESE FOODS -  foods market permanent should be removed forever NO MEATS Exception for Non vegans- Organic Wild Sea Foods Listed and Grass Fed Hormone Free Bison (Healthy Cow Meat Replacement) 
No Beans – Too Much Arginine & Ammonia/Nitrogen Fixator-Except Chick Peas & Navy Beans Add Ginger
NO Spinach – ONLY ORGANIC &  IF ITS COOKED in a soup Has entrobactin genetically Modified Organism in ALL non organic Spinach. This bacteria Steals Iron causing sickle cell anemia and is one of the main causes of said Auto Immune Disorders. Its Antibodies attack our tissues.
No Mushrooms- It’s a Fungi 1 of 5 pathogens) Excess Ammonia which adversely impacts the Liver and causes ammonia chain transport in Red Blood Cells causing low iron Hypoxia and massive red blood cell death increasing bilirubin and liver toxicity
No Tomatoes UNLESS grape or cherry cooked in a soup or Sundried Tomatoes. Tomatoes are high lectin food and Must ONLY be eaten cooked
No Kale – A Goitergen which are generally not healthy vegetation Not a Good vegetable to eat. If you MUST EAT make sure its Cooked in a Soup. Excess Goiter from an enzyme that blocks iodine and potassium
NO Rice too starchy Cyanide and turns to White fat in the body
No Black beans – They are Soy beans, no Pinto Beans excess nitrogen
No Bread too much yeast and starch (Except Yeast Free Breads Preferably Spelt Rye or other natural grain-based breads
ABSOLUTELY No Cashews THIS IS WHAT IS ADVERSELY IMPACTING YOUR LIVER and adding to Excessive weight gain and toxemia. Toxic to liver and possesses same toxic compounds as Poison Ivy - anacardic acids
No Collard Greens only for animals with ruminant stomachs. It’s a goitrogen
No Protein shakes or muscle builders – (remove permanently) ONLY HEMP PROTEIN & Other Natural Seed Nut Based Proteins
Beer (remove permanently)
No Wheat grass- High agglutinating lectins
No Alcohol except alkaline ones approved by Dr Ali
Ones that are clean with no excess sugars yeast mold and acidic content
Rums Fruit Based
Fruit Based Cirocs 
Tequilas from Cactus
Organic Wines with NO SULFITES
Wheat germ or any wheat (remove permanently) (Eat ONLY Spelt Bread or Rye Bread)
No Chocolate (Except cacao) Increases bad estrogens
Gelatins (NONE)
No Almonds Except Living Harvest Soaked almonds
Sesame seeds (remove permanently) Aromatase which converts testosterone and beneficial estrogens into estradiol and carcinogenic form of estrogen 
Soda (remove permanently)
Butter (remove permanently)
Cheese (remove permanently) Aromatase which converts testosterone and beneficial estrogens into estradiol and carcinogenic form of estrogen 
Soy (remove permanently) Aromatase which converts testosterone and beneficial estrogens into estradiol and carcinogenic form of estrogen 
Flax Seeds (remove permanently)HIGHEST Amount of Aromatase which converts testosterone and beneficial estrogens into estradiol and carcinogenic form of estrogen 
Peanuts (remove permanently) Phytic acid excess nitrogen- Nitrogen fixator
NO Rice (remove permanently) Except Black Forbidden Rice/Wild Rice SOAKED
No Animal Milk (remove permanently) Aromatase which converts testosterone and beneficial estrogens into estradiol and carcinogenic form of estrogen 
No Canola oil (remove permanently)
No Pasta (remove permanently) (Use Zucchini, Squash, Bean, Kelp noodles)
JUICE that has corn syrup high fructose corn syrup (remove permanently)
No High fructose corn syrup products and by products (remove permanently)
No All white or brown Sugar (remove permanently)
No Flour (remove permanently) (except for Spelt, amaranth, quinoa)
No Table Salt (remove permanently) (Only use sea salt)
No Eggs egg whites or yolks (remove permanently)
All Nuts except recommended (remove permanently)
No Broccoli Brussels sprouts Cauliflower  (remove permanently)
No Coffee (remove permanently)
No white flour (remove permanently)
Basic Shopping list: DO NOT EAT SIGN ONLY MEANS DURING regiment
Dr Ali Shopping List Transitional Diet
Aboriginal Medical Association  50% Carbohydrates 25 % Healthy Fats 25% Protein
FRUITS: Must be Organic & Seeded to Avoid Pesticides
***(EAT DAILY) Organic Seeded Watermelon - Eat as Often as Possible
Organic Seeded Blackberries-Organic Muscadines
Organic Mangoes -
Organic Apples –Green Granny smith variety Best
Organic Avocado - Organic bananas
Organic Limes/Key limes/Lemons (2 ounces a day-Organic Lime Juice)
Organic Pears  Organic Plums
*** (DAILY) Organic Grapefruit/Pomelo
Organic Oranges/Blood Oranges/Mandarins
Organic Red/Yellow/Green Peppers
Organic Cucumbers
TROPICAL Organic Soursop/Guava/Pomegranate/Sapota (Black)/Dragon fruit/Rambutans/Passion fruit/Jackfruit
Sun-dried Tomatoes
(RAW-SOAKED) Organic Nuts & Seeds (Healthy Weight Gain)
Organic Coconut Meat – Coconut Shreds (FOR REBUILDING TISSUES & Healthy Fat)
Organic Brazil Nuts [Only recommended Nut) (soaked in alkaline water at least 3 hours) High in selenium (Sprout Them)
Organic Sunflower Seeds – Organic Sun butter – good with apples (Sprout Them)
Organic Hemp Seeds (Sprout Them)
Organic Macadamia Almond Pistachio
Watermelon Seeds Pine Nuts
Note Vegetation contains micro enzymes designed to protect against plant eaters and these can become microbial for raw eatersEat Fruit Raw soak citrus steam and soup vegetation for best resultsOrganic Watercress
Organic Romaine/Arugula Lettuce
Organic Purslane
Organic Dandelion Greens
Organic Chard
Organic Celery
Organic Cilantro-
Organic Parsley- Organic Ginger Root
Organic Dill- Organic Radish
Organic Callaloo-Organic Zucchini
Organic Leeks- Organic Squashes
Organic Malabar Spinach
Only Starch
Wild Rice Black Rice Kelp Noodles etc
Organic Red Potatoes
Organic Purple Onion
Organic Seaweed
for salads and soups (SOAKED & SOUPED)
Organic Nori Sheets
Organic Wakame
*** Organic Dulse With Turmeric and Chlorella aids in regenerating tissues
Organic Kelp
Organic Kelp Noodles
Organic Zucchini Noodles
Cheese Alternatives (TRANSITION FOOD )
Cheese made from Brazil Nuts (BEST) pr other approved nuts & Seeds
Daiya Cheese - Daiya Flat Bread Pizza (TRANSITIONAL FROM CHEESE ONLY)
Butter Alternatives
Earth Balance Vegan Butter (Transition from Butter) watch for flax 
Coconut Butter (Best)
Organic Coconut Oil (Avocado & Grapeseed Hemp Oils Only Cooking Oil)
Organic Olive Oil Salads
Organic Hemp Oil
Organic Seasoning:
Sea Salt (Celtic) or Herbomare
Organic Sweeteners
Organic Maple Syrup
Organic Stevia
Organic manuka Honey
Organic Coconut Sugar
Organic Date Sugar 
FOR NON VEGANS- Meats to Eat: For Non Vegans- Wild Organic Hormone Free – 
Organic Wild Oysters Muscles or Clams (IRON ZINC & Protein)
Organic Wild Salmon (Vitamin D3)
Organic Wild Sea Bass (Best)
Organic Wild Tuna
Organic Wild Cod
Organic Wild Shrimp
Grass Fed Hormone Free Bison (Iron Zinc Selenium Protein)
Organic Wild Grass Fed Turkey
Alternatives to Milk:
Coconut Milk –
Hemp Seed Milk
Brazil Nut Milk
Almond Milk
Dairy Free Coconut Yogurt
Coconut water
Alkaline Water (Fiji or Evian or Essentia)
Coconut Ice Cream Dairy Free-
Frozen Fruit for smoothies
Frozen Daiya Dairy Free Pizza-
Organic Chips ONLY cooked in Coconut Oil
Dried Fruit Snacks Mango etc
Organic Sun Butter ( Alternative to Peanut Butter)
Organic Fruit Jellies
Organic Spelt Bread yeast Free (frozen Section)
Veggie Burgers Hilary’s Brand
Ingredients to avoid:
Soy, Soy Lecithin, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Sugar, gelatin (unless plant based), Dairy, Milk, Flax Seed, Butter
Blender (best types Ninja or Vitamix) 
Food Processor

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