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Dear Jada Pinkett Smith

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Education Purpose only Jada Pickett

Babalau Aye in on Oxlahun IK- Structure, ambition/power cold emotions- Can be a Mental abuser, Master manipulator of friends and relationships come off cold hearted in its dysfunction state.

Eshu in t-square on Lahun Kab- Decisions communication how quickly move in out of situations/Gossip- Uncontrolled analyzations of value problems being made publicly when it’s in dysfunction.

Obatala on Bolok H20- Excessive manipulation in relationships affecting liberation when in its dysfunction.

Despite these calculations- The dysfunction side shows through Jada pinket hair the first patch starts in back so I can tell liver dysfunction and 6th polarity dysfunction where eshu rest and the other patch is at top region of head which tells nervous system is at dysfunction where Babula rest. Proper nutrition and planning children is important. We can see the actions she chooses and the effects it has on her energies and health. The emotional chemicals that are sent being toxic.

Most of these astrologers are Trash with these weird readings that paint as pre determinations…Fate and destiny come as effects of our decisions and actions not pre determination by any entities. Prophecy is self fulfilling

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