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OxIk Talk Loud Session

Your Personalized Mental Cosmo Convo

  • 1 h
  • 51 US dollars
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Service Description

Oxik Talk Loud Session Description Welcome to the Oxik Talk Loud Session Our Oxik Talk Loud Session is designed to provide a supportive and therapeutic environment for individuals experiencing worry, stress, mental concerns, and past traumas. This unique session combines the principles of Cosmology and Bio-Cosmology to delve into the psychosomatic aspects of your experiences, offering holistic healing and profound insights. What to Expect in Your Session: 1. Initial Consultation: • We begin with a thorough consultation to understand your current mental and emotional state, as well as any past traumas that may be affecting your well-being. • Our goal is to create a safe space where you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings. 2. Cosmology and Bio-Cosmology Integration: • Utilizing the ancient wisdom of Cosmology, we explore how celestial influences and astrological alignments may be impacting your mental health. • Bio-Cosmology allows us to understand the connection between your physical body and cosmic energies, addressing how these interactions manifest as psychosomatic symptoms. 3. Psychosomatic Analysis: • We analyze how your mental concerns and emotional stresses may be influencing your physical health. • This holistic approach helps us identify patterns and underlying causes of your discomfort, providing a comprehensive understanding of your condition. 4. Personalized Healing Plan: • Based on our findings, we develop a personalized healing plan tailored to your unique needs. • This plan may include therapeutic conversations, guided meditations, cosmic alignment exercises, and practical advice for managing stress and anxiety. 5. Ongoing Support: • We believe in continuous support and follow-up sessions to track your progress and make necessary adjustments to your healing plan. • Our commitment is to walk with you on your journey towards mental and emotional well-being. Who Can Benefit: • Individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, and stress. • Those dealing with past traumas and looking for a path to healing. • Anyone interested in exploring the connection between their mental state and cosmic influences. • People seeking a holistic approach to mental health that goes beyond traditional therapy. Book Your Session: Take the first step towards healing and understanding with our Oxik Talk Loud Session. Connect with our experienced practitioners who are dedicated to helping you find peace and clarity through the

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